I pledge to always listen to my constituents and to be your voice on the Fremont City Council.


I will keep Fremont the City we Love!

Fremont gave me the opportunity to go from living in a one bedroom apartment with my parents and two siblings to running a successful business, and serving in several non-profit boards, and now as a Fremont Councilmember. I want to make sure that every Fremont resident has the same opportunities that I had...a safe environment, good schools, affordable housing, a reasonable commute, and good paying jobs. 

Our city is at a crossroad,and we need to make sure that we preserve the Fremont dream for everyone. We also need to make sure that we promote smart growth so that it benefits our community. I will only do what is best for our beloved city.

I pledge to serve ALL Fremont residents and maintain accessibility with top notch constituent services, and responsiveness.

I am running for Fremont City Council District 5 to give voice to our neighborhoods — so City Hall hears from us — not just special interests with the loudest voices.



Pandemic Recovery and Financial Solvency

During this time of crisis, we need strong experienced leaders to guide us through this pandemic. I pledge to address the health and financial impacts of this crisis on our lives. During this crisis, we must help our most vulnerable residents, repair our social safety net, and expand essential services to help families struggling to make ends meet.

We must also deal with the financial impacts of this crisis on City revenues. I am battle-tested to make the tough decisions to ensure financial solvency, hold the line on additional costs, and look at opportunities to enhance our revenues.

Support Small Business and Get People Back to Work

Support our local restaurants and small businesses to help them weather this storm. We need to help them with grants, and reduce fees by cutting red tape to make it easier for them to do their business. We also need to support our residents by providing good paying jobs and affordable housing for our workforce.

Investing in Infrastructure and Solving Traffic Congestion

Will ensure that developers pay for the impacts to our community with the infrastructure needed for mobility. I will advocate for bold programs to rid ourselves of traffic congestion. This will require an inter-connected transportation system with frequent and reliable public transportation. I will fight for our share of regional funding to build necessary infrastructure.

Safe neighborhoods are the foundation of a strong community. I will advocate for more Community Policing so our Police Officers are visible and engaged in our neighborhoods. I will continue to advocate for expansion of our community service officer program and bring in new resources for human services and mental health workers to respond to emergency calls.

  • Will look at new zones of coverage for our Fremont Fire Department and make sure we invest in their ability to save lives and protect us when we need them. I will fight for increased police patrols of our neighborhoods and rapid emergency response in our District.
  • Will continue to fight for responsible housing that does not generate more traffic, more air pollution, and reduced quality of life. I am ready to navigate the process to fight for our residents.
  • Will work with the leaders at the County, State, and Federal level to fight for more dollars to reinvested back into Fremont to help mitigate homelessness and support mental health in our community with the human services to support our residents.
  • Will continue to advocate for investing in our historic districts such as Mission San Jose and Warm Springs. I will advocate for revitalizing our shopping centers to bring in fine dining, exciting new restaurants and family entertainment, new retail, and create a sense of place for our community.
  • Will fight to bring new new tools to City Hall to ensure that we are maximizing the value of each tax dollar.


"As your public servant, I will continue to dedicate myself to build value in our community. I would be honored to receive your vote."

-Raj Salwan, Councilmember

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