Accomplishments 2016-2020


My recommendations saw cut-through traffic congestion reduced by 33%, and in the worst areas reduced up to 90%. I supported creating the mobility commission and the creation of an action plan to further solve traffic in our community. I have continued to push for optimized signal timing to improve traffic flow and “real-time” corridor management. I was able to expedite signal modernization in our district in Spring, 2020.

While serving on the Council, I voted to invest funding into improving our streets and roads. I supported the modernization of the I-680 freeway interchanges across Fremont. All projects are currently funded for project planning work. Pavement Condition Index has improved from a “Low Condition” of 63 to “Good Condition” at 73 compared to the Bay Area average of 67.

Three Major Transportation Projects Completed in 2020:

1) BART extension to Milpitas and San Jose (June 2020)
2) I-680 Southbound Widening Over Sunol Grade (October 2020) 3) I-880 Express Lanes from Oakland to Milpitas (October 2020)

Fremont has one of the lowest number of Police Officers for the size of our city. I have voted to hire more Police Officers and to replace retiring Officers at the largest pace in history. I also advocated for more Community Service Officers that were hired to meet our needs.

• Voted to increase transparency within our police department.

• Voted to form a joint City Council - School District Liaison committee that meets regularly to discuss the issues facing both our governmental agencies. We have been working together on challenges including:

1) Reducing school overcrowding by the City providing land to the School District for parks and school facilities
2) Vaping Ban in Fremont that was plaguing our schools and children
3) Working on mental health support for our kids
4) Traffic school safety improvement plans for all 42 of our schools - we implemented 80% of the improvements right away

• Voted to make reduced growth a Council Priority and voted to implement growth management policies.

• Voted against state policies that take away local control.

• Stood up to irresponsible developments that did not benefit our community at sites like Ohlone College, Sabercat, and Ellsworth. I fight for our residents and make sure that their voices are heard.

• Supported policies that help us reduce our carbon footprint.
• Voted to adopt the goal for Fremont to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2045.
• Voted to adopt local building code requirements for mandatory solar in residential development and enhanced electrical vehicle requirements.
• I voted for efficient LED street lights which shine brighter and save the City money.
• Voted to install solar carports at the Police Station, Maintenance Center, Water Park and Irvington Community Center saving us tens of thousands in bills. • Voted to increase parkland and to add to our trails.

• Voted against projects that intend to change zoning of our open space to residential or other uses.

• Voted to preserve our hills.

• Voted to allocate money to construct a new senior center on Warm Springs Blvd. This exciting new center will allow members of our district nearby access to senior services and meals.

We did all of the above with NO new city taxes. We are one of the few cities that does not charge additional utility taxes or sales taxes. Any of the additional taxes you pay are for other entities like schools, hospitals, and the county.


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