We’ve Accomplished a Lot Together!

Public Safety
  • Voted to fully staff Fire Station #11 which was a completely built fire station with no staffing and there was a lack of service in the Warm Springs District. This will decrease fire and 911 response time all over Fremont
  • Added more Police Officers and made investments in Technology
  • Accepted grant for Mobile Command Center which will serve us well during major natural disasters and other calamities.

Helped Small Businesses
  • As a small business owner and former Chairperson of the Fremont Chamber of Commerce, I know the opportunities and struggles our businesses face. I spearheaded the Small Business Ombudsman position which is the single point of contact for our businesses so they receive consistent information from city staff.
FAST (Warm Springs Innovation District)
  • Co-created FAST, a steering committee to help create the plan for the Warm Springs Innovation District. The Warm Springs Innovation District is an area where many high tech, clean tech, and advanced manufacturing take place.
Opened library on Sunday
  • I voted to fund the Fremont Main Library so that it would be open on Sundays after a decade of being closed.
Supporting our Children's Education
  • Steering committee of Measure E and Measure I

Fiscal Accountability 

  • Only Councilmember to vote against council salary increase.

  • Increased our reserves to above recommended levels

  • Tackled unfunded liabilities and started to paying down debt.

Supporting Clean Technology

  • Streamlined solar permitting so that more residents can get solar installed faster

  • Funded LED installation of street lights in Fremont to reduce our carbon footprint and cut costs

  • Voted to install solar panels at four city buildings including: Police Station, Aqua Adventure Park, municipal corp yard, and the library.

  • Voted for a climate action plan to reduce green house gasses by 25% by 2020

  • Vote on policies to make it easier for more clean technology companies (and high tech/biotech) to come to Fremont.


Improved Privacy guidelines 
  • Voted to increase the privacy of homes so that new developments don't adversely impact privacy of existing homes, and to address privacy in new developments.
  • Voted to preserve community character at Mission Palms neighborhood so that McMansions don't adversely affect neighborhoods.
Broke Ground on downtown! 
  • After 50 years of waiting, we broke ground on downtown during my time on City Council.
  • Received and Appropriated regional funding for downtown street improvements to increase connectivity from Fremont Blvd to BART.


...and the accomplishment I am most proud of is my accessibility, availability, and responsiveness to resident concerns and issues. I always responded immediately to any concerns any residents or businesses had in our community almost immediately and was effective at getting things done.

I pledge to serve ALL Fremont residents from all parts of Fremont with top notch constituent services and will be accessible and available to you.

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